Blockchain status quo: CV VC gives insights and outlooks

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Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) publishes market reports on global and regional developments in the blockchain sector. An overview of the topics.

The two market reports by Bitcoin Fast Profit are now published: In the CV Global ReportThe investment company compiled information on global blockchain users. The Top 50 Report however, focuses on the so-called Crypto Valley.

CV VC’s Global Report informs readers about technology trends around the world. It is not only about purely economic issues, but also about the application of the technology in the art sector and in trade. Of course, topics such as crypto banks, stock exchanges and venture capitalists are not neglected here either.

CV VC based its research on, among other things, sources provided by companies. But information portals and media reports as well as social networks as well as stock exchanges served the research.

„CV VC Global Report H1 / 2020“ is the company’s very first global report

The CV VC Top 50 Report looks exactly like the other report on the first half of 2020. However, the geographic focus is on the Crypto Valley – this is the nickname for the Canton of Zug, where this company is also based, and Liechtenstein. Because of the high density of blockchain start-ups, financial service providers and other users, the region is rightly named.

There are now 919 such companies dealing with blockchain, and the trend is rising. Overall, all areas examined are growing; the corona crisis hit the crypto sector less hard than other industries. In addition, the market capitalization and the number of tradespeople in the crypto ecosystem increased compared to the previous half year. Overall, according to CV VC, the Crypto Valley is home to six companies worth more than a billion US dollars (USD). However, most of these so-called unicorns live in the United States and China.

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