Crypto artwork sold for $ 130,000 at Christie’s auction

The NFT is „a symbolic expression of Satoshi’s vision, created from the very code that is at the beginning of it all“.

Christie’s auction house has announced it has sold a digital portrait of the Bitcoin code for more than $ 130,000

It is the first time that a non-fungible token (NFT) has been auctioned at a major auction house. The price exceeded all expectations.

According to the auction house by an unknown buyer „Block 21“ for 131,250 dollars at Christie’s has on October 7 bought . The work consists of a physical work of art and a Bitcoin Compass depicting Satoshi Nakamoto. It was part of the so-called „Post-War and Contemporary Auction“ day. The auctions started at $ 22,000.

The artwork of Ben Gentilli , which he created as part of the Robert Alice project is one of 40 works of a series and contains exactly 322,048 digits of Satoshi’s original Bitcoin ( BTC ) codes. The series with the title „Portraits of a Mind“ shows the 12.3 million digits of the original code of the cryptocurrency, which were individually engraved and painted on 40 different circular panels with a length of over 50 meters.

Christie’s auction included only one of the paintings in the series, „Block 21“

The name is a nod to the scarcity of Bitcoin, which is limited to 21 million coins. Binance founder Changpeng Zhao and Bloq chairman Matthew Rozsak are also believed to have bought pieces from Portraits of a Mind.

„The work is a symbolic expression of Satoshi’s vision, created for exactly the code at the beginning of it all is,“ as on the website of Robert Alice ’s . „Portraits of a Mind explores the multifaceted identities of Satoshi Nakamoto and in turn reflects the nature of identity as well as the portrait in a new, decentralized age.“

The most expensive digital artwork ever sold at auction was Matt Kane’s NFT Right Place & Right Time . This was based on the fluctuating Bitcoin rate and was sold for $ 101,593 in September.

Dieser Eintrag wurde in Bitcoin veröffentlicht.