Crypto Twitter celebrates Christmas with a new Bitcoin milestone

The price of Bitcoin is over $24,600 at Christmas while the crypto Twitter explodes with euphoria.

Crypto Twitter celebrates Christmas cheer with a new historical record for Bitcoin Lifestyle culminating a tremendous year for the digital asset.

Bitcoin’s price reached a peak of USD 24,661.76 at Bitstamp, surpassing the previous record set last week. The altcoin market also recovered, with Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and XRP registering impressive increases.

Bitcoin’s biggest supporters turned to Twitter to celebrate the new milestone and to remind their followers to keep waiting as the new year approaches. Gemini co-founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have expressed some enthusiasm:

„Merry Christmas! Santa left us $24,500 for #Bitcoin under the tree.

„Merry Christmas! No coal this year, $24,500 for #Bitcoin instead.

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Bitcoin’s historic peak is giving Morgan Creek Asset Management’s Anthony Pompliano extra energy for Christmas Day:

„Bitcoin reaches a new historical record on Christmas Day, that’s the energy I’m here for.

Bitcoin and Black America tweeted about the new digital asset high saying, „Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz also celebrated Christmas by admiring a bright moon, which is a direct reference to Bitcoin’s meteoric rise.

„Favorite gift. The moon“.

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The crypto data analysis firm Bloqport celebrated Christmas with a GIF from Michael Saylor raising a glass to Bitcoin:

„#Bitcoin breaks all-time highs. Merry Christmas!“

Robert Breedlove, author of Thank God for Bitcoin, had a more serious message to convey to the community at Christmas:

„Bitcoin encourages patience and reflection.

Fiduciary currency induces hasty and misguided investments to overcome inflation.

In what world do you want to live: one in which capital is allocated with patience and consideration, or one in which it is allocated feverishly and maniacally?“

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Su Zhu of Three Arrows Capital also reminded the forks to keep holding:

„Hodl Jo Jo Happy holidays to all!“

The YouTuber Crypto Daily commented on Bitcoin „rebounding during an illiquid holiday,“ which is a testament to the upward potential of digital currency. „USD 100,000 is FUD now,“ he said.

2020 will be a historic year for Bitcoin. While many institutions have been claiming for years that „institutions are coming,“ this year finally delivered on those revelations.

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